General Volunteer Requirements

  • Attend volunteer training and refresher courses.
  • Provide assistance to the instructor or treating therapist
  • Assist with maintenance of equipment.
  • Groom and tack up horses used in activity sessions.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled emergency procedure drills.
  • Encourage and maintain a mature supportive demeanor with participants and staff.
  • Maintain participant confidentiality.

Side-walker Volunteer Requirements

  • Provide assistance as a sidewalk or to the instructor or treating therapist during activities.
  • Maintain a quiet environment around horse during activities
  • Be attentive to the participant at all times.
  • Remain in close proximity to the participant. No direct contact is needed in list specifically directed by the instructor or therapist.
  • Ability to walk continuously while raising arms to at least shoulder height for up to one half an hour.
  • Ability to lift 25 Lbs routinely and 50 Lbs occasionally.
  • Ability to focus attention throughout the session.
  • Ability to take direction from the activity instructor or treating therapist.

Horse handler/Leader Volunteer Requirements

  • Lead a horse during the activity session.
  • Focus attention to the horse to ensure the safety of the team.
  • Follow the instructor or therapist directions to produce the desired outcome.
  • Proficiency in horse handling including the ability to complete simple arena figures such as circles, figure 8s, and serpentines.
  • Ability to understand horse behaviors, responses and safety issues in equine activities.
  • Ability to control horse in the moment and in an emergency situation.

Commitment Requirement

  • We ask that our volunteers commit to two sequential sessions for a total of 13 weeks of which 10 will be program, 2 will be training and 1 week will be off.
  • Each volunteer shift will be a maximum of 3 ½ hours.